Fly Fishing around the world

Bucknasty Brown Film

Mature brown trout are aggressive, feeding on anything that has a hint of protein. Their ability to strike at rodents, birds, and other fish make them one of the most sought after fish to target with a fly rod. Those characteristics led us to develop the term Bucknasty Browns and that spawned the film that…

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Flood water – Streamer fishing Montana

Back from a trip to Oregon chasing bucknasty browns, we decided to go see if any local rivers were fishable. Runoff was still in full force, pushing the trout into a side channel that usually runs dry. The rain and overcast skies produced a formula for great fishing and sure enough we once again had…

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The Evolution of Nymphing

This four minute clip is an excerpt from the full film Modern Nymphing, and a small example of what is available to learn from purchasing the full video. The majority of trout feeding occurs subsurface on nymphs and larvae. Fly angler’s have been pursuing trout with various nymphing techniques for decades, but after more than…

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Euro Nymphing vs Indicator Nymphing

This four minute clip is an excerpt from the full film Modern Nymphing – European Inspired Techniques, and a small example of what is available to learn from purchasing the full video.

Small Stream Nymphing Tactics

Using the duo and Polish style nymphing on a small stream coloured by flood water.

Yakima River Fly Fishing

Wilderness TV head over to The Yakima River in Washington State with Reds Fly Shop for a spot of Drift Boat Fly Fishing for Wild Rainbow Trout. Now I hadn’t done any river fishing before but with the help of local guide Joe Rotter I hook into some Awesome Wild Rainbow Trout.

Small Stream Fly Fishing

Bill Spicer heads back to the spot where his fond fishing memories all began. Mary-Lou and Stuart Roxborough, Trout Unlimited enthusiasts who deeply believe in giving back to the resource, join him.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing

During the last week of May, the adult salmonflies on the Deschutes River in Oregon start driving fly fishers and rainbows crazy. This video, Sky High Salmonfly, came together with weather perfect, bugs everywhere and with two fly fishing angler/guides with a rare day off work. Elke Littleleaf and Jakob Lund get caught up in…

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Fly fishing in Slovak Republic

Fly fishing in Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic is a beautiful country with many possibilities for fly fishing. The Carpathians extend through the northern part of the country, where are the Tatra Mountains, a mountain range of incomparable beauty bordering Poland. In this mountain range diverse rivers are born where they inhabit important populations of trouts and it burns. These…

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Fishing locations in Patagonia

Argentine Patagonia ranks first in a recent survey of the “ten fly fishing destinations in the world”, a mode considered the most sporty and refined. The diffusion of this place of privilege explains the strong growth of travelers from all over the world who come to Argentina with the objective of the rivers and lakes…

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