Fly Fishing around the world

Bucknasty Brown Film

Mature brown trout are aggressive, feeding on anything that has a hint of protein. Their ability to strike at rodents, birds, and other fish make them one of the most sought after fish to target with a fly rod. Those characteristics led us to develop the term Bucknasty Browns and that spawned the film that…

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Deschutes River Fly Fishing

During the last week of May, the adult salmonflies on the Deschutes River in Oregon start driving fly fishers and rainbows crazy. This video, Sky High Salmonfly, came together with weather perfect, bugs everywhere and with two fly fishing angler/guides with a rare day off work. Elke Littleleaf and Jakob Lund get caught up in…

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Fly fishing tattoos

In today’s article I do not want to write too much text because a picture is worth a thousand words. Yesterday I was looking for fly fishing photos on my favorite social network, Pinterest. The result is that I have found these great designs and the most amazing are the tattoos! The hook tattooed on…

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I like to fly fish but why?

You never know what the most important questions are in life, much less the answers. So when a friend asked me why I was fishing with a fly, I could not give an exact answer. At home and with more time to meditate, I began to think about that question. Why do I often think…

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