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Bucknasty Brown Film

Mature brown trout are aggressive, feeding on anything that has a hint of protein. Their ability to strike at rodents, birds, and other fish make them one of the most sought after fish to target with a fly rod. Those characteristics led us to develop the term Bucknasty Browns and that spawned the film that premiered in the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour. The goal of that film was to capture the aggressive feeding behavior of these trout in a beautiful and unique environment. That goal was achieved, being a fan favorite in the Fly Fishing Film Tour and winning The Drake Video Award for “Best Freshwater Film”.

Our amazing fans have been insistent in asking for a second Bucknasty Browns film and we are here to deliver, but we need your help. This film project will be documenting a Do-It-Yourself trip to one of the greatest brown trout destinations in the world, the South Island of New Zealand. World-renowned for it’s clear backcountry waters, epic spring creeks, and large, trophy sized, AKA Bucknasty, brown trout. We will arrive in New Zealand on February 15th with the intent of catching nasty brown trout and exploring the South Island over the course of 5 full weeks. There are a few things that make the brown trout of New Zealand special. One, they grown to enormous proportions but even more importantly they take the fly ever so slowly before exploding when hooked (Not to mention they love to eat the mouse). For this reason we believe this is a perfect setting for the filming of Bucknasty Browns 2. Our goal is to document our roadtrip around the South Island as we showcase the most spectacular brown trout eats, epic scenery and good times with friends.

Our content plan is to shoot enough content for both a 5-part web series and a 10-15 minute film. Your support will help in the creation of the web series which will be released online for free! This will document more of the day-to-day events and cool moments trying to hook fish of a lifetime. The best eats and moments from the trip will then be compiled into a short film called Bucknasty Browns II that will be sold on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo On Demand.

Marc • January 5, 2018

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