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Argentine Patagonia ranks first in a recent survey of the “ten fly fishing destinations in the world”, a mode considered the most sporty and refined. The diffusion of this place of privilege explains the strong growth of travelers from all over the world who come to Argentina with the objective of the rivers and lakes of this spectacular area.

In the newspaper El País de España, journalist Ana Arasanz, says that “every day more lovers spend their vacations practicing fly fishing” and that the trip to fly fishing is “the order of the day with numerous agencies and guides Specialized “. Since capture and release is essential, it is considered a non-aggressive practice.

“They are not cheap trips (they are going to realize this type of fishing), but it has more and more adepts”, says the Spanish journalist, and one of the data that took into account in the selection of “the best destinies of the World” Are Undoubtedly the opportunities offered by Argentina, both for the euro and for the dollar, due to the change, to the point that although “there is a long list of places where you can practice fishing in Patagonia, Argentina, we have chosen Argentina, With Villa La Angostura, a place surrounded by immense lakes, rivers and mountains and close to the natural parks, Nahuel Huapi and Los Arrayanes.Los anglers from all over the world and especially from the United States (Ted Turner is famous, for example) Because in our Patagonia there are no water courses without trout and other salmonids, which is due to two fundamental visions: the precursor and pioneer of the expert Francisco Pascasio Moreno who at the beginning of the 20th century proposed a plan of Patagonian lakes and rivers with trout a Rco iris and brown trout, which quickly adapted and reproduced intensely. The second view was that, in view of how rivers could be depredated in some countries, an attempt was made not to reiterate that error and to protect in a determined way the great resource that today attracts this growing tourism sector.


Places with fame

Areas like Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego are the favorite destinations to which most fishermen fly, today the fishermen have increased the species to be captured and the fishing zones. No longer looking for trout and salmon in Patagonia, the challenge now is to conquer “pejerreyes, tarariras” and the “river tigers”, el dorado. This makes fly fishing today in the rivers Paraná, Bermejo, Dulce, Uruguay and in the Esteros de Iberá. However, most fishermen converge towards the national parks of the provinces of Chubut and Neuquén.

In chubut


In the village of Lago Puelo National Park, 19 kilometers away from the city of El Bolsón, boat trips can be rented with guides. In the nearby Los Alerces National Park are the lagoons Larga and Martillo and a few kilometers from there and from Esquel is the historic village of Molino, a true fisherman’s paradise, especially with its river Futaleufú and the lakes Rosario, Baguilt Y Greda.

In Neuquén


In most of the international fly fishing guides this province stands out to have some of the best places in the world for fishing for trout and salmon. The main departure destinations are Villa La Angostura, Junín de los Andes, Copahue-Caviahue and Picún Leufú with their access to Limay Medio.

Great hotel and guides offer the national parks Nahuel Huapi and Lanín fishermen can try different fishing techniques, but the most outstanding is fly fishing. The main rivers of the different regions are the Correntoso, the Collón Curá and the Chimehuín where rainbow trout, brown and fontinnalis can be captured, which in all cases must be returned to the water.

Special attention in recent times has come to the Park Lanín, with its rivers and lakes, especially highlighting lakes Huechulafquen, Lacar, Paimún, Curruhué, Meliquina, Lalog, Tromen; The rivers Chimehuin, Malleo and Chachin with its spectacular waterfall.

Jano • August 30, 2017

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