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Fly fishing in Slovak Republic

Fly fishing in Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic is a beautiful country with many possibilities for fly fishing. The Carpathians extend through the northern part of the country, where are the Tatra Mountains, a mountain range of incomparable beauty bordering Poland. In this mountain range diverse rivers are born where they inhabit important populations of trouts and it burns. These rivers converge in areas of plains in enormous rivers whose difficulty for their fishing turns them into a beautiful challenge for the fisherman.

The Slovak Republic has Celtic origin although until 1989 it was part of the communist country of Czechoslovakia. Country that later (1993) would be divided in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Slovakia has a mountainous landscape as the Carpathians spread throughout the northern part of the country, the climate is temperate with cold, humid winters and hot summers.

Slovakia is composed of 8 regions also called “Kraje” bordering Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine, but none of them borders the sea.

Where to fish

The fishing area that we want to make known is characterized by the multitude of fishing possibilities in a small area surrounded by several National Parks. In addition the proximity to Katowice, Polish city with connections to several international airports make the trip very easy.

The rivers that surround the cities of Liptovsky Mikulas and Poprad have been scenarios of several competitions at European and world level.

Its rivers and its fish


The region that we are going to show in this article has a great diversity of rivers mainly of mountain and to very short distance of each other which facilitates much the displacements. Once the mountainous area ends, the rivers enter flat areas and become large and wide rivers with much biomass and amount of food for trout and timalos.

As in the vast majority of countries of Central and Eastern Europe, its waters are inhabited by a multitude of timalos, a beautiful fish and that makes enjoy the fishermen. There were also brown trout and in certain stretches with a very small population of rainbow trout.

Dry fly fishing provides excellent results mainly on small and medium-sized rivers, as well as nymph fishing on large boards and rivers.

Bela river

Bela river

It is a beautiful mountain river, characterized by its crystalline waters. It is born in Tatrannsky Narodry National Park and traverses impressive forests of spruce and spruce. Its fishing is very fun with the big flies, in a single day of fishing can easily catch 50 specimens, mainly brown trout.

Vah river

Vah river

Median river located between the mountain and the plains of Ruzomberok. This uncle has many algae and slow waters in which large rainbow trout and brown trout inhabit. Its waters in the center are inhabited by a multitude of medium timalos that the competitors of the country fish with a dry fly like indicator and two nymphs, with which they sweep in its waters.


The Slovak Republic is a large country where fly fishing is practiced in a highly diversified environment geographically and in terms of biodiversity. It is a country where you can travel and fish without spending too much money and where you can safely enjoy fishing in one of its rivers.

Agus • September 3, 2017

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