Fly Fishing around the world

Chilean Patagonia

Flies of the Chilean Patagonia

Year after year fishing guides in Chilean Patagonia have experienced many types of flies. After creating and testing hundreds of patterns they have managed to make a fairly clear map of places and flies. In today’s article I would like to bring the best flies to suit different situations in this region. Here are some…

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Biology in the river

Many fishermen ask this question: Why are the rivers cleaned? Every time we see how the river grows people living along the river between those who are mayors, farmers and anyone else claim the “cleaning” of the river. These people also say without any doubt that the flood is serious “due to the fact that…

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Before dipping your mobile read the guarantee

In today’s article my intention is to make fishermen aware of something very important. Many times the advertising deludes and that they do of smartphones is not different. Television ads show that promotional devices are completely watertight and can be used in conditions where water is present such as splashing, underwater, etc. Without additional protection….

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Fly fishing tattoos

In today’s article I do not want to write too much text because a picture is worth a thousand words. Yesterday I was looking for fly fishing photos on my favorite social network, Pinterest. The result is that I have found these great designs and the most amazing are the tattoos! The hook tattooed on…

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I like to fly fish but why?

You never know what the most important questions are in life, much less the answers. So when a friend asked me why I was fishing with a fly, I could not give an exact answer. At home and with more time to meditate, I began to think about that question. Why do I often think…

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Snowbee delicate presentation XS DP4

Today I teach a line that I liked a lot, it is “economic” and has ended up being a great acquisition. This 75-foot line is a mix between a WF profile and a DT profile. For those who are starting in the world of fly fishing the WF lines are designed to make long haul…

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The 5 best fishing spots in New Zealand

Imagine the fishing experience you have always dreamed of. A river? A lake? Trout? Salmon? No matter what you want, you’ll find everything in New Zealand. And when the day is over you can stay in large cabins and savor the local food with all the amenities. Southland & Fiordland If there are fewer people…

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