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Snowbee delicate presentation XS DP4

Today I teach a line that I liked a lot, it is “economic” and has ended up being a great acquisition. This 75-foot line is a mix between a WF profile and a DT profile.

For those who are starting in the world of fly fishing the WF lines are designed to make long haul flights easily and charge the reed with few movements. The difference between the posta of a DT line and a WF is practically nil, however, the fishing in long distances, a line of profile WF has a more abrupt lodging, being in this case the presentations of the fly with profile DT Lines much More delicate.

Snowbee delicate presentation XS DP4

Trying to find a balance between the kindnesses of one guy and the other in profile, Snowbee created this line. Made in the UK and designed to function as a DT, but retaining the ability to launch a WF. The result is a profile that could be called DDT (Different Double Taper). An asymmetric double head line.

The front part resembles that of a WF profile, with a short head of 16 feet followed by a short parallel section also of 16 feet. From the parallel body to the end of the line, we find a 43-foot path with a typical DT profile, which improves the inn over long distances.

Weight forward profile

The heads are identified, and in the box in which it is presented, we find the instructions necessary to mount it and two connectors in case you want to use them.

The result of the use of this line is very positive, very soft touch, a very ductile line and with zero memory so it has a great durability. This liena will surely please those who buy it also being a cheaper option than other similar ones in the market.

In my opnion is a highly recommended option and keep in mind. Easy to use, exactly like a WF, very good posada in long and buoyancy. I recommend it without a doubt for everyone who is thinking of acquiring a line. Unbeatable price / quality.

Marc • August 9, 2017

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